A Rose by any Other Name: Rosa Clandestino Delivers a New Collection, Driven by Nostalgia

As I eagerly awaited the unveiling of the Panerai, O’clock exhibition that will open to select press this evening at Milano’s famed Triennale, I found some time to sneak away for an early morning breakfast with Milan-based designer, Silvia Arguello of Rosa Clandestino, at Milano’s Armani Caffe.

Silvia, who has traveled the world studying business and fashion, and who has a master’s degree in accessory design, was amongst the winners of last year’s Who’s On Next—Vogue Italia’s competition for on-the-rise fashion talents. Stunningly beautiful, intelligent, and curious in that insatiable way that only allows for heightened design, she walked me through her new collection, explaining personal accounts of her first trip to Cuba that allowed her to experience, first hand, the country of her ancestors’ origins.

The collection is a romantic account of that journey. From touching down at the airport, which she knew was exactly where her family stepped for the last time before leaving their homeland, to exploring the streets alone for days, the story was one of involved expression. The clothes were about more than wearability, construction or even trend, but more about conveying a message of loss and rebirth; love and nostalgia; delicate beauty and calloused strife.

A sneak peek is below but for the whole story and to shop the collection, visit www.rosaclandestino.com.