Wicki Wacki Woo and Haute Tiki’s Too

For many the word Tiki itself, conjures up an instant and colorful collage of nostalgic images.

All of them loud and vivid. Most of them retro Pacific.

Beatnik fashion, flaming torches, fake palm trees, tropical fruity rum drinks, and above all wooden carved Tiki gods and gargoyles come to mind; and it seems that just when the tiki lounge culture bowed its final curtain call, this drama queen of an iconic pop symbol returned for an encore, ala a resurgence seldom seen since the likes of Trader Vic’s; the famous Polynesian themed hideaway circa 1937—

—and its name is Riff Raff’s.

This new exclusive late-night subterranean lounge, located below the famous Hurricane Club (owned by Michael Stillman of Fourth Wall Restaurant Group in partnership with Hari Kalyan of The Randolph fame) wows you from the get, with wall to wall decoratives of sequin pasties, coconut bras, woolen sock monkey hats and over 100 woven tapestries sourced from small villages in Malaysia, adding tasteful accents to balance the space. Add to this a DJ program of constantly rotating top tier deejays and typically an impressive guest roster to boot (fashion insiders, restaurateurs, nightlife industry insiders, artists, musicians) and you get an unlikely but somehow compatible marriage of Tiki-theme to Très chic vibe. (Think King Kong meets his lady love)

Giant tropical drinks to share (such as their bath tub sized Grey Goose and raspberry yuzu libation; the Shitshow) share much deserved kudos with popular individual cocktails and tropically inclined shots. Polynesian presentations copious wells of rum and tropical juices are dressed and served with hokey umbrellas and sparklers, completing the mood.
A neon tiger over the entry way, Riff Raff’s own customized neon orange Wayfarer sunglasses, golden bubble chandeliers and gold disco balls add dimension to the fray.

Why not go shopping in your closet and remove the moth balls from your old tapered pants and skinny ties; perhaps a leopard print vintage cocktail dress or favorite flowery hair clip and bikini top, and head over to Riff Raff’s.

For another kick in the pants, stop at the bar and ask to get a tribal face-painting.

They’ll happily oblige.