Stockinger Teams Up With Brabus For Limited Edition Safes

Source: Living Proper

When you have collectibles which are rather easy to carry because of their compact size, but are high on novelty, keeping them secure does become an issue one may have to look at rather seriously. To cater to this very need, Stockinger has created safes which are not just high on security, but also use personalization of design to give additions to the beauty of the room décor you keep the safe in. The new Brabus SV12 is the latest example, which has all these qualities along with being exclusive, as only 25 pieces of it will ever be made.

When you look into Stockinger history, the ravishing looks and design aren’t a surprise. They had created the Chimera III safe, which is a collectible all by itself for its mesmerizing looks. With a different appeal but similar degree of class, the SV12 safes have each of them enameled in high gloss lacquer on the body and door, which also have the engraved Brabus logo on the handle. Keeping the similar flavor of class on the inside is the red Alcantara leather, carbon fiber and wood work which have been intelligently used. In terms of the space, the upper end has a central panel which has 12 slots for your exclusive timepieces and 2 side panels are actually shelf spaces for boxes or your bottle of rare alcohol. The lower end of the safe has 5 drawers which have been artistically designed to have storage space for smaller objects, and in case you do it all in the dark, there are LED lights in each of the drawers. The inner portion of the door offers space for a personalized name plate as well. The storage volume of the safe is a total of 183 liters.

Since the main focus is still centered on security, the safe has been created to live up to the standards of VDS grade III security level which conform to the EU 1143/1 certification, including the automated sensitive alarm system. This is perhaps the factor which played a role in determining the cost of the safe, which is $ 169,703 a piece. When you are done admiring this safe, you could look at our coverage of 3D Mercedes Benz Viano, which was another sample of Brabus expertise at beautifying your personal spaces.

Source:  Living Proper

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