Nevena Borissova – Ahead of the Curve

In addition to her business success, Borissova tries to give back as well. Curve has partnered with Falling Whistles, a campaign for peace in the Congo, where children are sent to the front lines of war, armed with only a whistle. Together, they aim to help rehabilitate the young affected by the war by selling whistle necklaces at Curve boutiques. Borissova also shared her plans to partner with Genetic Denim for the second time to design a handbag of which proceeds will be donated to the New Yorkers for Children charity, which focuses on children in foster care. The first collaboration between Genetic Denim and Curve was called Genetic Visionaries, Genetic Denim’s most successful line to-date.

Most recently, Borissova has ventured into San Francisco for her newest endeavor, opening her fourth Curve boutique in a city known more for tech entrepreneurs than high-heeled fashionistas.

Having taken an interest in the recent internet boom and the growth and change of the city, Borissova was, as usual, ahead of the curve, and had a hunch that San Francisco was craving a dose of fashion. She was right.

“I felt like everyone needed to lift their heads up from their computers and shop at a brick and mortar store, touch the clothes, truly have the [ultimate] shopping experience and a cooler lifestyle, not buy the new McQueen jacket online,” she said. With an expert staff who are trained to style and create fresh looks, the store opening was met with a great response from the public.

Borissova’s dream was always to have a store in New York. Now she’s awaiting next year, which will mark the New York Curve’s 15-year anniversary.

“It’s all about pacing yourself and doing things at the right time and right place,” Borissova said, of her lifelong dream realized. After parting ways with her initial partners and buying everyone out of the business, she was nervous. She thought, “What am I doing? I’m crazy. But, if I can give any advice, when you feel that bubble in your stomach and scared, it’s a good thing. Only a good thing can come from taking a risk.”