Last Days To Bid On Peter Tunney’s 10th Anniversary 9/11 Memorial Auction AMERICAN FLAG (COURAGE)

It’s the final Days to Bid on the 10th Anniversary 9/11 Memorial Auction AMERICAN FLAG (COURAGE), 2011 by Peter Tunney.

This original collage measures 62 x 110” and reflects the diversity and bravery of the American people. The mixed media collage is of acrylic paint and on hand-sewn sail canvas. The definition of courage is hand-painted between layers with the artist’s signature lower right carved in paint.

Peter Tunney brings art and life to everything and everyone he encounters. A gum wrapper, a hubcap, photographs of photographs, evidence of his actual footsteps, a leaf from Bhutan, a beautiful nude, one complete vintage record, one partial. These everyday items and more are added to his overflowing pockets and catalogued, each piece waiting for a chance to become a part of Tunney’s art. Like Michelangelo, who saw the art inside the stone, or Pollack who would not accept a mistake as art, Peter Tunney works painstakingly and meticulously to bring to life the art that resides in all things.

On the 10th Anniversary of the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, charitybuzz is uniting with the most prominent 9/11-focused nonprofits to raise funds as we build for our future. The proceeds from this auction will benefit Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation