In Black And White For Lea Black, It’s All In a Day’s Work

Philanthropist, Socialite, Business Woman, Mother, Wife and Friend, Lea Black wears several hats. As the star of The Real Housewives franchise’s latest installment, The Real Housewives of Miami, her life has recently been very much on display. But as this stellar female prepares to put on what’s become one of her biggest philanthropic contributions annually, The Black’s Gala, we took a real-time tour through her busy day, watching her juggle tasks while clad in couture, only to realize this Real Housewife is not only real, she’s making well-heeled strides for the betterment of our community. Simultaneously running a household, a charitable foundation, and an eponymous business, Lea Black Enterprises, Black balances product development, fundraising, and soccer practice with great poise.

7:00-8:00 am Breakfast with my son, RJ and my husband, Roy, and go back to sleep.

9:30 am The Lea Black team arrives and gets organized for our morning meeting.

10:00 am Wake-up, again, quick shower, and prepare some hot tea, occasionally with toast, fruit, or nuts. I have my morning mini-breakfast with my team, in the office, while reviewing priorities for the day. Make a list of top priorities with Jason in regards to the charity and with Kim for Lea Black Enterprises, Andre Walker Hair, and the foundation.

11:00 am -11:15 am  Quick shower and simple beauty regimen — sudden youth moisturizer, serum and eye cream followed by make-up, hair, and into my on the go wardrobe depending on what’s up for the day.

11:20 am-1:00 pm Back in-office with my team orchestrating how to move projects forward.

1:00 pm We usually order salads from The Globe or Italian from Randazzo’s, but sometimes ask Freda to whip up something quick from the kitchen, and we eat while working–usually standing up in the kitchen. While the team works on their projects, I work on Lea Black Enterprises projects including my Sudden Youth skincare line and my passion, an in-development jewlery line. I run two businesses, a charity and foundation, so there is always a massive to-do list. I’m finalizing product design, answering manufacturing questions, and overseeing the general day-to-day operations.

2:45 pm Most days I go to pick up my son RJ myself unless on deadline in which case I send Paul who works at the house. It’s a 45-minute drive so I make phone calls and catch up on emails and twitter during the ferry ride. Then RJ and I grab a snack at the Fisher Island Market or Gogo’s on Miami Beach. Sometimes there is soccer or tennis and I will stay and watch. We are usually home by 5.

5:00 pm Back to work for me while RJ takes a few minutes off. Then an hour of languages, math, or piano with his tutor. During his tutor time, I work with the team and catch up on the progress of the day. My team usually leaves around 7 but if we are on deadline, they leave around 8:30-9 pm.

6:30 pm Roy arrives home and we hang out, have dinner, and do homework as a family until about 9:30 pm when RJ goes to bed.

9:30 pm – 11:00 pm Roy and I hang out until about 11 pm when Roy goes to bed.

11:00 pm My creative time really begins. Until about 2:30 am, I work on all my projects including my book, “Shameless in Miami,” answer emails, catch up on twitter (@LeaBlackMiami), even late night phone calls.

If I didn’t make it to Pilates at The Sanctuary, I workout 45 minutes while I make calls on the west coast or catch up on videos I need to see ( like the Real Housewives of Miami) that I need to blog for weekly.

2:15 am Hot soaking bath and hot chamomile tea, then lights out until 7 am and I start my abnormal, normal routine all over again.