How we do the 4th in the Malibu Colony

For years, one of our neighbor in the Malibu Colony and former chairman of Univision, Jerry Perenchio, graciously hired major fireworks company Pyro Spectaculars to create one of the best offshore fireworks show in the world (and spent over $60,000 to do so). This show provided an extravaganza not only to his guests he would invite to the beach on July 4th, but also to every house in the Malibu Colony, including the likes of Sting, Jim Carey and Tom Hanks, who would invite all their friends over to watch (as did anyone within a mile radius of the Colony).

Three years ago, Perenchio stopped doing the holiday show and left residents in the Colony frazzled for high-octane entertainment. Families canceled their get-togethers and headed to the Hollywood Bowl and the L.A. or Hillcrest Country Clubs instead.

Well, the next year, we were ready. One of the Colony residents (who happens to be my father) began fundraising for the show in late spring and raised the amount needed put the show back on. This family then became the Master of Ceremonies for the evening, meaning Pyro Spectaculars provides them with a radio walkie talkie to instruct the barge on where to stop and when to begin.

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