For years The Mondrian Hotel has been known for Skybar, its open, poolside venue with a breathtaking view of the LA cityscape. The outdoor pool, deck, and bar space hosts parties in the day and night, sometimes for guests and sometimes for private groups. Skybar never discriminates. Each event has its own personality, atmosphere, and crowd, but the name itself always connotes class and style. This summer, Skybar has been home to regular summer pool parties.

In tradition with the day of rest and relaxation, the Dolce Vita Pool Party Sundays at Skybar last throughout the day and early evening, drawing an intimate crowd that tends to lay out and soak up the sun rather than dance to the DJ’s beats. Wednesday nights are a different story. The Absolut Swim pool party gives guests a weekday break from work, where they can enjoy Chris Kennedy’s music until club closing hours. Once a month on Mondays, Skybar gets exclusive with Champagne and Caviar, a VIP only party in the Hut, and sporadically over the summer months, Summer Sessions have brought countless artists across genres to play at Skybar’s version of a concert series. It’s not easy for venues in this city to stay current and cool, but Skybar continues to manage a lasting presence with haute events like these.

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Photo: pixnation