Haute 100 Update: IFC to Release Harvey Weinstein Documentary on Oct. 7

The Independent Film Channel (IFC) will be releasing a highly anticipated documentary on indie film mogul Harvey Weinstein on Friday, Oct. 7. The film, entitled Unauthorized: The Harvey Weinstein Project, was made by Canadian filmmaker Barry Avrich, who has publicly called Weinstein “The Last Bully.”

It was reported that Weinstein, the Miramax co-founder who now heads the Weinstein Co., had tried to persuade Avrich not to move forward with the project, stating that Quentin Tarantino was already working on a similar development.

Avrich said, “There are those that say making a documentary film on Harvey Weinstein is career suicide or, in fact, personally dangerous. Others have warned me that Harvey will never allow the film to get distribution.”

He persevered, saying, “I believe that great stories must be told. Harvey and Bob Weinstein, without a question, redefined so many rules of Hollywood marketing, distribution and filmmaking that you simply can’t ignore their impact on history. … Without Hollywood’s ‘Last Bully,’ there would be no ‘Pulp Fiction,’ no one would have known about that English patient, Rob Marshall would still be a chorus boy and Quentin would be recommending Bruce Lee’s greatest hits in some video store.”

The film – narrated by Peter Fonda – is described as a “powerful, uncensored, no-holds-barred account” that follows Weinstein through his early days as a theater operator and concert promoter in upstate New York to his present day role as the head of a beleaguered independent studio.

The film has received heavy demand to be released in the U.S. since it premiered quietly in February 2011 in Canada. IFC will now finally be releasing it exclusively on their new global web platform Sundance Now, which offers streaming access to films as part of a program to make new movies available directly to consumers via the web.

The intimate, candid glimpse of Weinstein includes commentary and appearances by other luminaries to include Mark Gill, John Irving, James Ivory, Martin Scorsese, Mark Tusk, Mark Urman, the late George Hickenlooper, and Entourage’s Maury Chaykin.

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