Haute 100 Update: Harvey Weinstein Revives Silent Films with ‘The Artist’

Iconic filmmaker Harvey Weinstein is looking to the past for his future projects. His new film The Artist is a nod to the era of silent films with its filming done in black-and-white, plot involving hardship, a love interest, and an adorable dog, its setting in glamorous 1920s Hollywood, and lead role played by French actor Jean Dujardin.

In an age when big-budget, 3D, special effects, and action reign supreme, Weinstein is hoping to revive the nostalgic genre with his new venture. When sound came into play, the film industry changed forever, but not all hope should be lost in reviving eras past.

Nearly-silent films like Wall-E have been successful with modern audiences in capturing their imaginations and engaging them in ways the high-profile action flicks have. As we all know that what is old becomes new again, there are high hopes surrounding Weinstein’s ambitions in resurrecting the classic film era in a way modern audiences can certainly appreciate.

See the exhilarating trailer for The Artist here via YouTube.

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