Haute 100 Update: Frank Gehry to Design $66M Performing Arts Center – NYC’s Largest [PHOTOS]

PHOTO: Daniel Black

World famous architect Frank Gehry, who was been hired to design some of the globe’s most high-profile luxury buildings, has signed on to design the Signature Center at the Signature Theatre Company in New York City. The 20-year-old company with its critically acclaimed programs will open the new center in February 2012.

The 70,000-square foot Signature Center will span across 42nd Street from Dyer to 10th Avenue, taking hold of entire city block, making it the largest performing arts center in New York in the past 50 years.

PHOTO: Gehry Partners, LLP

The center is set to house three theaters, a studio, rehearsal space, café, and bookstore, with Gehry’s design focusing on accommodating playwrights, collaborators, the public, and facilitating interaction among them all. The center is reported to be the artistic home to as many as 11 playwrights at a time.

The design will be signature Gehry – a stunning mix of cold metals and warm wood texturing, manifesting an engaging and creative atmosphere for both audiences and participants. The space seamlessly harmonizes aspects of sculpture, architecture, design, and function into a characteristically striking location – a piece of art in itself.

PHOTO: Gehry Partners, LLP

Upon entering the center, one is transported into a surreal world before the curtain is even drawn. The $66 million center will employ over 400 people and receives its funding through a public-private partnership.

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