Enrapturing Jewels: Phioro

Fast becoming the most exclusive luxury jewellery house in the Middle East, Phioro is a boutique jewellery company which specializes in exclusively commissioned pieces and limited edition jewels. The label is inspired by the Greek letter ‘Phi’ which symbolize the golden ratio believed by Classical scholars to represent the theory of beauty.

The Phi ratio is applied to each design in order to ensure that the piece is balanced and has the correct proportions. The second part of the name Oro is translated from the Italian word for gold, which is the main material used in each collection.

Liana, Phioro’s latest collection, is inspired by rainforest vines and features rose gold encrusted in
rubies and diamonds, alongside white gold complemented with topaz, sapphires and diamonds. Elegant and poised, the collection combines a strong palette of blended colours with graceful curves and intertwined vines of sparkling wonder around large striking stones.

The Liana necklace is the star of the collection. Its striking appearance combines a beautiful elegance
with mysterious movement around the large topaz. Venus, the second collection, features large gemstones such as Citrine, Topaz and Ghaneum Rubies which are held firmly within each piece as if in a lethal grip. The collection is inspired by Venus fly traps from South America which are often noted for their weapon-like form these pieces are not for the faint-hearted.
Phioro’s jewellery designs are objets d’art. Each piece is limited edition and is marked discreetly with its number.