Celebrate Wearable Art at the 15th Annual Atlanta Tattoo Festival

Traditional Polynesian Tattoo Motifs

Conjuring images of rebellious youth and nefarious characters, the art of making an indelible mark under the skin for ritualistic or artistic purposes has been practiced for thousands of years. While man has been adoring his body with art for various reasons, from healing to intimidation, it wasn’t until European explorers encountered Polynesian tribes practicing the art of “tatu” that what we think of as tattooing was born.

Fast forward several hundred years, when almost everyone from the girl next door to your doctor has a little ink, to the 15th Annual Atlanta Tattoo Festival this weekend presented by Sacred Heart Tattoo. For three days everyone from amateur enthusiasts to world-class tattoo artists will gather at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Atlanta-Perimeter to celebrate and experience the ultimate wearable art form. Featuring live tattooing, seminars, book signings, musical performances, and a demonstration of traditional Marquesian and Polynesian methods by Pili Mo’o the “Tufinga Tatu,” a “traditional tatu master,” even the most staunch tattoo detractors will admit that centuries old practice requires the hands of a skilled artisan and isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

The 15th Annual Atlanta Tattoo Festival takes place from Friday, June 3,2011, to Sunday, June 5,2011, with musical performances by Six Shot Revival, Killer and the Savage featuring Cool Breeze taking place on Saturday, June 4, 2011. For more information and to purchase one, two, or three day passes go to www.atlantatattooartsfestival.com.