A Home Away From Home Travel Across the Globe Abroad the World, the Largest, Most Luxurious Private Yacht On Earth

 Residents are encouraged to coordinate events and trips with The World’s staff to ensure proper arrangements are made for an optimal experience.

The southern hemisphere: floating about the torpid glacial waters among the pale blue icebergs is The World, the largest private yacht on earth, as it settles into the dawn. It is the Antarctic summer, and the sun has only dipped the horizon, for it does not fully set this time of year. For those 200 living in the 165 residences aboard The World, this is not a tourism expedition, but simply this particular morning’s incomparable view. Taking port in Antarctica, residents of The World are encouraged to explore the crystalline paradise of this otherworldly locale before returning to the splendor of their abode at sea.

It may seem as though I’ve described to you a rather typical experience of anyone who has boarded a cruise ship for his or her week’s stay, but The World is anything but. Unlike other seafaring vessels, The World is a floating community; something only a few get to experience. For the 200 who are lucky enough to call The World home, it has enriched their lives in ways they never thought possible. Residents own their apartments, from a modest studio to lavish, two-or-three bedroom residences that include a kitchen, bathroom, private veranda, living and dining areas, and optional jet pool. Each residence is a private home customized with personal furnishings and adornments that cater to individual preferences. Although all residences were sold by 2006, there are a select number of re-sales available.

Since it launched nine years ago, The World has made calls in over 800 ports in 140 countries worldwide, including exotic, cosmopolitan and lesser known locales that offer adventure and cultural enrichment. Instead of settling into one place, you’re on an infinite journey around the world observing a Papua New Guinea tribe performing a native fire dance, kayaking through Greenland’s fjords, or exploring the wildlife of the Seychelles . The destination of The World is adventure itself, constantly roving the oceans en route to the next exciting port. In the span of only days, The World could have taken you from the legendary canals and piazzas of Venice, to the subtropical beauty and vibrancy of Puerto Rico. Taking advantage of all the local cultural offerings of each port, residents and guests have a unique opportunity to sample a near infinite array of tastes, sights, and experiences that no other home or vacation home could ever possibly match.

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The World’s luxurious lodging and amenities cannot be overstated. In this home away from home, residents are privy to exceptional hospitality services and impeccable onboard facilities. They can take advantage of a host of onboard activities and features including the only Banyan Tree Spa at sea, a full-size tennis court, two swimming pools, fitness center, jogging track, a movie theater, art gallery, putting greens and driving range, library, expert lecturers, enchanting musical performances and even a retractable marina to enjoy a variety of water sports.

As if all this is not evidence enough of The World’s dedication to providing only the finest services and amenities, consider the dining options. Led by a Master Chef, there are four world-class restaurants, each specializing in an authentic style of cuisine, including Mediterranean with an Italian flair, innovative Asian and sushi, a more traditional prime steak and seafood venue and haute cuisine, a truly gastronomic experience. Its wine cellar has a 12,000 bottle capacity, with each wine specially chosen by a knowledgeable team of sommeliers. Those looking for something more casual or a quick bite can eat poolside or at the onboard deli; then peruse its gourmet market stocked with the freshest local fruits, veggies, cheeses and accoutrements. Craving your favorite brand of ice cream? Just tell the manager at Fredy’s Deli and it’ll be stocked in no time.

Exceptional and attentive service is not limited to the confines of the ship. Residents are encouraged to coordinate events and trips with The World’s staff to ensure proper arrangements are made for an optimal experience.

Need to stay connected? Chatting with family and friends or joining a company conference call is easy. The World offers Internet, phone, fax, interactive TV (even Video-on-Demand) and meeting facilities. Each residence features state-of-the-art technological support to enhance efficiency and capabilities, and there’s even an Internet Café with computers, a printer and scanner. Staying connected while gazing upon the French Riviera has never felt so good.

A home aboard The World offers a unique travel lifestyle not found anywhere else on earth. It’s where those with a thirst for knowledge and adventure can journey to the most exotic destinations across the globe – in pure, unadulterated luxury. Not exactly a modest goal, but one The World achieves without fault. This exceptional combination of adventure travel and home ownership on what could arguably be considered the most exclusive address on the planet is the ultimate home away from home.