Haute Beauty: No More Tan Lines with Tanee Solerra

Traveling to exotic locations is one of my favorite things to do. I make sure to take at least one trip a year to an island like St. Barths. But, no matter how much fun it is to lounge around in your bikini and see how tan you’ve gotten, it’s not cute when you’re going to dinner with a horrendous tan line that ruins the look of the adorable new Herve Leger you’re wearing. Fret no more ladies! I have come across your solution. Tanee Solerra is a tanning product that you run along your tan line. It helps camouflage the colors so the line is not as noticeable.  The angled 1/2 inch wide sponge tip applicator is the perfect size for string bikini lines. The trick is to blend thoroughly with a cotton ball  after applying so the edges are soft and unnoticeable. Now you can bid adieu to contrasting lines!