Haute 100 Update: Martin Scorsese’s new Beatles Rock-Doc, ‘George Harrison: Living in the Material World’

Martin Scorsese’s new film has undoubtedly generated buzz by fans of his films, The Beatles, or the legendary band’s well-loved “quiet Beatle”, George Harrison – which encompasses quite a percentage of the world’s population. The iconic director’s latest rock documentary is entitled George Harrison: Living in the Material World and is finally set to show on HBO on October 5 and 6.

The high-profile director will take audiences deep behind the scenes of the well-loved musician, featuring numerous intimate interviews with former friends, surviving Beatles, and collaborators. The film also delves into Harrison’s infamous battle with fellow musician Eric Clapton for the love of Pattie Boyd.

After Scorsese’s celebrated work on No Direction Home, the documentary on legend Bob Dylan, as well as his other music-related classics, fans of film, music, or both, have been eagerly awaiting the director’s newest venture.

Click here to see the trailer! (via Yahoo)

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