Haute 100 Update: Jay-Z and Kanye West to Auction Customized Maybach from The Throne’s Debut Video to Help African Drought Victims [PHOTOS]

If you haven’t yet seen the debut video from Jay-Z and Kanye West’s joint album Watch the Throne, what are you waiting for? (Watch it here.) The first video is from their song “Otis” featuring soul legend Otis Redding and features the exuberant rapping duo… and a Maybach 57.

The video hails from the most high-profile musical collaboration in years. Add Otis Redding, models, and the base-priced $375,250 luxury auto and you’ve got it all, right? Not quite. In the video, the Maybach gets a blowtorch-and-saw makeover courtesy of the video’s playful frontmen.

It ends up customized to a point that could possibly make luxury purists cringe, but you can’t deny the boys their fun. Gone are the roof and doors, and the rest of it… well, let’s just say it got interesting… and very exciting – a well-needed boost to the Maybach brand.

Whether you like the custom job or not, the fact that it was featured in the debut video of one of music’s most powerful and anticipated collaborations has to mean something. That’s why Jay-Z and Kanye are putting the car up for auction to benefit the East African Drought Disaster relief fund to help the estimated 13 million people in Ethiopia, Somalia, and Kenya who are suffering from the worst drought in 60 yearsThe Throne style.

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