Turtle Island Resort In Fiji Celebrates Love

The true beauty of Fiji lies not only in its exterior of pristine beaches, evergreen vegetation, and exotic disposition, but is also embedded in the spirit of its islands, that evoke a romantic aura fitting for those celebrating the gift of love.

Turtle Island, one of Fiji’s premier all-inclusive resorts, creates an amorous getaway like no other.

Accommodating just 14 couples at a time, attention to detail is given to every guest. Romance becomes effortless as a Bure Mama, your personal concierge, will set the mood for every occasion. Intimate champagne breakfasts, followed by beach picnics, and to end the day, moonlit dinners amidst a calming sea make up one end of the indulgent stay. When the night is over, the stars will guide you to your beachfront bungalow, a 1,200 sq. ft. Fijian style cottage, boasting a private and intimate experience.

The 500-acre privately owned island houses amenities for any interest, whether guests choose to embark on a vivid snorkeling journey in the famed Blue Lagoon, or test their skills at windsurfing. Couples can even enjoy land-based activities like horseback riding on the shore, or cycling through the island’s tropical rainforest.

Unique about the resort is the exception it makes for families a few time a year. Fijians are passionate about the importance of family and friends, and from their beliefs, have created a unique sense of community. In the winter and summer, families are invited to share the beauty of Fiji with one another, with activities appealing for all ages.

The resort is currently offering their ultimate all-inclusive experience, which includes free international airfare plus a 7 night stay for the price of 6 nights.

Any celebration will receive justice at Turtle Island. The resort hosts honeymoons, weddings, anniversaries and family gatherings. The commemoration of love does not go unnoticed here.

Photos courtesy of: Turtlefiji.com