Rai Ki Wai Wakaya Estate

The island is also home to the luxurious and exclusive Wakaya Club & Spa – which offers the utmost in luxury and even scuba diving off stunning private beaches. Homeowners are invited to enjoy all the facilities of the Wakaya Club & Spa- from their pristine golf course to their fine dining options to their spa to the numerous private beaches.

Rai Ki Wai Wakaya Estate embodies the best of all worlds – serenity, luxury and the unspoiled, untouched indigenous culture – a combination that has kept Fernandez and Farrand hooked for so long.

“It’s like three worlds combined with all this incredible, pristine beauty and has been a real adventure for almost a decade,” Fernandez said.

Now you have the chance for your own Fijian adventure.

Note: The Rai Ki Wai Wakaya Estate is on freehold land, making it eligible for foreign purchase. Consent from the Ministry of Lands is required for any purchase property larger than 1 acre. The Fijian government actively encourages foreign investment and titles are guaranteed constitutionally by the State. Wakaya Island is 40 minutes by air from Nadi International Airport on the main island of Viti Levu and 15 minutes by air from Suva, the capital of Fiji, also located on the Viti Levu. For more information, including an extensive photo gallery, visit www.rkwestate.com

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