Pennwick Models Newest Luxury Golf Cart After Ferrari

Little after two years in business, Pennwick has already earned itself a reputation for building superior luxury golf carts. The Utah company, whose signature pieces are based on luxury cars, is the largest producer of this style of custom vehicles in the world.

Models include the Rolls Royce-inspired Shadow, beginning at $16,900 and the popular British-style Brooklyn, beginning at $16,500.  Each car is unique in its shape and design, like the retro-style Smoothster, starting at $15,500 and the classic 50’s vintage look of The ’56, starting at $16,500.

The company’s newest design imitates the look of the exotic Ferarri Enzo. The bright red golf cart is the F5, the first Italian-inspired piece from Pennwick. The F5 starts at $20,500.

For those interested in a completely unique, fully customized cart, Pennwick is happy to create whatever you can imagine.

Pennwick’s golf carts are all complete with headlights, side mirrors, and taillights with functioning turn signals and hazard lights.  To monitor the battery life, they provide hour meters and a 48-volt charging system. Custom options include 15” rims and a stereo package, and buyers can also opt to include additional seating (available in leather), a golf bag holder and a hard top.

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