Day In The Life: Hayden Slater

In a health-conscious city like Los Angeles, PRESSED Juicery has become the diet of choice amongst celebrities and locals alike. In 2009, co-founder Hayden Slater realized LA was lacking fresh pressed juice options, so he teamed up with two old friends to start a business that has fast spiraled into the latest trend. Slater believes both mind and body will thank you for delivering pure, living nutrients straight into your bloodstream, energizing and alkalizing your system back into a balanced state.

“We have seen the profound effects of juicing on our own lifestyles and on the lives of people close to us,” Slater said. “We couldn’t believe the benefits and wanted to make it easy for others to incorporate it into their hectic schedules.”

In November 2010 PRESSED Juicery opened its doors for the first time in Brentwood and received an overwhelmingly positive response. Due to popular demand, PRESSED is now offered through a raw juice and cleanse package delivery service as well as plans for a West Hollywood location and even a PRESSED food truck stationed in Malibu. Slater now spends his time running the day-to-day operations of the company and working on its expansion, as well as planning his next pursuits, which includes a few television projects on the side.

6 am

I start the day with a PRESSED Juicery Greens 1 drink then head to the Santa Monica stairs for a workout.

8:30 am

Pick up a coconut water at our Brentwood location to get my electrolytes going. Mondays are our busiest days, so I like to check in with the staff and make sure things are off to a good start.  It’s also a great time to catch up with regular customers who are usually on their way up to Maha Yoga for a fun flow class.

10:00 am

Head over to the headquarters in West LA. Go through emails and return phone calls. Sit down for the Monday morning team meeting to discuss the week’s agenda. This is the hour when I feel like I need an espresso but settle for a Yerba Mate tea instead.

12:00 pm

Lunch with my business partners, Hedi and Carly. We like to take time each week to slow down and go over what’s happening on each of our ends. Hedi and I fight for an A VotreSante Mediterranean salad but we give into our pregnant partner’s demands for chicken tacos.

1:00 pm

Take our new food truck to the Baldwin Park health department for the final inspection. It’s a schlep but we’re pretty used to it by now and can’t wait for the truck to be stationed at its permanent location at the Malibu Lumber Yard. I might have a lot on my plate but I feel pretty grateful for all the exciting things that are happening right now.

3:00 pm

More afternoon meetings. Recently they have been to meet with our architect and interior designer as we begin construction on our West Hollywood shop.

4:30 pm

Back to the office to grab a Chlorophyll H2O and make sure all orders are taken care of for the following day. We usually have a lot of delivery orders in the beginning of the week as customers are trying to cleanse off their weekend indulgences. I can usually expect my mom to pop her head in around this time.

6:00 pm

Go home for a little bit of calmness. I take about 30 minutes every day to relax and de-stress before I head out at night.

7:00 pm

Meet some friends at Inaka or another favorite spot for dinner. I could eat the Inaka bowl for dinner every night.

10:30 pm

Get home and drink an Aloe Vera H2O.  I like to start and end my day with a juice.  Have an end-of-the-night brainstorm and send emails to the office for things to work on the next day.