Haute Eat: The Rib Room

Dubai’s multi-award winning steakhouse has a new look. A frequent visitor to the restaurant, the refurbishment of The Rib Room is stunning and effectively brings out the class and sophistication of this much-loved Dubai steakhouse.

Beautifully warmly-lit interiors coupled with rich mahogany table designs as well as a live saxophone player create an intensely intimate and romantic setting. The new ambiance recalls the dark and subtle interiors of a classy New York City jazz club.

The restaurant boasts over 500 wines and two private dining rooms: one for up to 8 people and the other for up to 12. Conveniently located adjacent to The Agency, if there is any drink unattainable then it is easily summoned from next door.

My guest and I began our meal with a variety of starters including half a dozen Tsarskaya Oysters with shallot vinegar, lemon and Tabasco; a duo of rich and smooth Foie Gras served with Terrine and pan-fried golden cherry apples and sweet corn brioche; a refreshing house salad made from Kalamansi olives, datterini tomatoes, cucumber, red onion and lentil sprouts and a delicate Alaskan King Crab bisque soup with scallops and Servruga Caviar tortellini. Despite the richness of such dishes, the portion size was perfect allowing for a balanced taste of each. The Tsarskaya Oysters and foie Gras were immediately a favorite. Both have a sensuous quality; an oyster is a natural aphrodisiac while the fatty richness of the foie gras has an elitist air and denotes a celebratory ambiance.

Our paletes now prepared for the main course, we received an Australian Wagyu beef tenderloin medium-cooked signaled with a cute tag made from potato bearing the name “medium” as well as organic salmon and Boston Bay Scallops. Side dishes included plain mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus. The beef was wonderfully tender while the Boston Bay Scallops, a New England specialty, recalled home-cooked summer meals.

The meal was concluded with a sweet and light caramelized lemon tart made with raspberry jelly and yogurt ice cream.

A restaurant which deserves top marks for excellent cuisine, impeccable service and breathtaking new interiors- The Rib Room merits many returns.

The Rib Room, Emirates Towers, 04 319 8088