Haute Dining: Popular U.S. Restaurant Chipotle to Expand to U.K. and Paris

When the popular Chipotle chain of tasty Mexican grill restaurants hit the U.S., it did so with fervor. Quickly sweeping the nation with spots opening up on what seemed like every corner and strip mall, the delicious craze was undoubtedly a success. According to Grub Street, rumors abounded earlier this week that the popular chain is now looking to open 200 locations in the U.K., with only one currently existing in London.

A rep from the company confirmed that the brand’s rapid expansion in the U.S. would indeed continue across the pond, but denies the 200-location number, saying the figure is “untrue” because the brand never projects its future openings. What is known, however, is that a second London location is in the immediate plans for the future, and even a Paris location reportedly to open in “late fall”.