Haute 100 Update: Jennifer Aniston Looks to Friend Kevin Spacey for her Return to Theatre

We may know her as Rachel on the long-running hit sitcom Friends and, more recently, as one of Hollywood’s hottest leading ladies in comic films, but Haute 100 Los Angeles member Jennifer Aniston actually made her start on the stage… and is looking to return.

Before moving to Los Angeles to pursue a career in TV and film in 1989, Aniston began her career in Off Broadway with plays such as For Dear Life and Dancing on Checker’s Grave. Her new film Horrible Bosses has connected her with co-star Kevin Spacey, and she has apparently asked him to consider her for roles in theater.

Aniston explained, “I started at theatre in New York, in things that aren’t remembered but yeah, I love the theatre and I would love to go back to it. If the right thing presented itself… yes – with Kevin, at the Old Vic.”

Old Vic is the theater in London, which Spacey is director of, and where he has earned several illustrious accolades for his recent performance as Richard III in the Shakespeare play under the direction of Sam Mendes. It is through Spacey that Aniston hopes to make a return to her roots on the stage, and we hope to see her behind the curtains soon.

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