Dubai will be Home to Half of the World’s Tallest Luxury Residential Towers, a $1.16 Billion Project

Dubai has gained global attention with their recent onslaught of constructing incredible new structures and the esteemed emirate is about to add another accolade to the list by earning the distinction of having five of the world’s ten tallest residential towers. Most of these massive new projects will be spouting up in the gorgeous Dubai Marina area and are estimated to have a combined cost of $1.16 billion with estimated entrance on the market over the next two years, as the economic downturn slightly delayed the projects.

The tallest of the new towers is set to be the Pentominium Tower at 516 meters. The luxury building will house 172 luxury penthouse apartments over 122 floors, with a total built-up area of 163,720m. Following in height is the Princess Tower at 414 meters, which will hold the title as world’s tallest residential tower until the Pentominium is completed. Other buildings to share the limelight are The Torch, located in Dubai Marina, the Supertall 23 Marina, which boasts a 395-meter height and 57 swimming pools, and the Elite Residence standing at 381 meters with 91 floors.

[Source: Luxury Launches]