David August’s Obsession with Detail

 Shoes and belts – They should always match one another as closely as possible.  

Well known for its over the top attention to detail, David August dresses the superstars of business, sports and entertainment. Our team includes the finest Master Tailors in the world, who meticulously handcraft your clothing with exquisite detail and unmatched precision. Every fabric choice, every line, every stitch, is our obsession. Every accessory from shoes, belts and ties are planned. The wardrobe we create for you will be unrivaled in quality.

The complete David August experience is like no other – from the initial meeting where measurements are taken and fabrics are chosen, to the final fitting, when you get a glimpse of the thrill of being impeccably dressed.

This season, David August is serving up a new twist on summer classics.  We’re bringing a fresh perspective to traditional patterned suits and sport coats by adding an array of powerful colors in the fabrics, stripes and plaids. Accents in blues, purples, tangerines, and limes also compliment the warm season.

At times, little thought is given to wardrobe accessories in the world of men’s fashion.  However, a man’s accessories can often be a better reflection of his individuality and refined tastes.  It is the details that can make or break an outfit. These are a few great pieces that can be added to your current wardrobe to help complete an ensemble.

Dress shirt – The elements of the perfect shirt – collar shape, cuff type, body style, fabric pattern and color – will compliment the shape of your face, physique, skin tone and work well with all other aspects of your wardrobe.

Necktie and pocket scarf  – A quality necktie is a key piece in every man’s wardrobe.  Solids, tone on tones, wovens, patterns from small to large and updated rep stripes are all important in achieving certain looks.  When purchasing neckwear, as rule of thumb, stay in the $100-plus-price range. This ensures the tie has an all wool interlining, which is important in tying and holding a proper knot, and is made of a higher quality silk.  Pocket scarves have also made a strong comeback.  Variations in color and pattern neatly folded or randomly stuffed achieve a really great look.

Shoes and belts – They should always match one another as closely as possible.  Select a quality calfskin or exotic leather and a belt with a classic buckle made from high grade metal, such as sterling silver. Shoes should always be well maintained and shined.

Cufflinks – A range of new to vintage cufflinks can be worn with suits, sport coats or just a shirt and a great pair of jeans.  This is a fantastic way to express your individual style.

Get in touch with David August to schedule a private appointment with one of their Expert Personal Clothiers at 714-545-SUIT (7848) or info@davidaugustinc.com