Book Out about Audemars Piguet 136 Year History

A new book has been published that recounts and illustrates the history of watchmakers Jules Luois Audemars and Edward August Piguet. Dating to 1875, the two men first began producing timepieces in Le Brassus.  The author, Mike Disher, writes about the duos enthusiasm and passion for the craft that covers a timeline of 136 years.  The company’s roots lay within the Joux Valley where Audemars and Piguet first began to mechanically measure time since the mid-18th century.  Chapters highlight the beginning of watchmaking and the traditional values that have since followed.  Currently, the Manufacture Audemars Piguet, employs 1,000 people in Switzerland and worldwide.  The book is filled with glossy pages that illustrate the historical link between traditional and modern approaches to making watches.  The last portion of the book is dedicated to the native forest peoples of the Joux Valley who wish to pass on the tradition of watchmaking for generations ahead.

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