Haute Ambassador : Max Girombelli

It’s not a rare notion to expect color to be on trend for summer. Sunshine and rising temperatures lend themselves to brights in a special way; but too often, people don’t know how to properly approach what reads like a rainbow of opportunities without missing the proverbial boat.

So, here we are.

Let’s start with a royal blue cotton and silk blend jacket. Wear it with a light striped shirt, preferably one that recalls the color of the jacket and adds a touch of fun via a white contrast second button on the sleeve. This is the new Duca interpretation of having fun with summer dressing – a single distinctly-colored button.

And why not try a red jacket? Wear it casually with a white polka dot player shirt, worn tucked out to show how the few buttons of a player shirt make the look casual-chic.

And let’s not neglect our beach wardrobes.

Turning back to the traditional palette of blue and white, I recommend a great white shirt with a striped pant in a strong blue and white. However, it’s imperative that said pants have no belt loops, for there’s no need to wear a belt.

And as I’m notorious for urging my clients to have about 12 blue blazers, I’d like to wrap things up with a new approach to a classic staple. This one is in cotton with a half lining, making it a perfect match with khaki pants; or, if you’re feeling daring, a pair in a somewhat funkier shade of Celeste blue, the color of the sea.

Saint Tropez, Sardinia, Ibiza or the Hamptons, enjoy your summer, wherever you will be.

Just don’t forget a real gentleman is most especially distinguished when not wearing a business suit; but instead when he can play with colors and have fun exploring new ways to approach style.