Haute Ambassador : Candy Udell & Randy Udell Alper

Candy Udell and Randi Udell Alper are the creative force behind London Jewelers, an 85-year-old family owned and operated business.

As a mother and daughter duo, Randi and I often travel the globe to find the latest trends for our treasured clientele at London Jewelers, but there is nothing like summers out East. For our family business, my daughter and I are responsible for the jewelry buying, marketing, advertising and event planning- but when our schedules allow, we enjoy the beauty the Hamptons have to offer. We love hosting events at our East Hampton store, such as our watch fair and jewelry trunk shows. Our Sunday BBQs are always a must for a great home-cooked meal. Using fresh, local ingredients, we each have our specialty dish and all cook together. From the very beginning, the foundation of London Jewelers has been quality service, so it’s no surprise that we seek the same with our own purchases. When we’re not spending time with family and friends, we have our eye on this season’s top fashion picks in both fashion and jewelry.