Massive 136-Carat Diamond Found in Russia

In the Russian diamond-rich area of Yakutia, a huge diamond has been discovered by workers of the Udachninsky Mining Company, which is owned by the AK Alrosa.

A spokesman for the Russian Industrial Ministry said the diamond weighs 136.35 carats and has a very rare honey-yellow color. Its size is 23 by 33 by 17 millimetres, shapeless, clear inside, and has a mechanical natural chip – about 10 percent. Such massive diamonds are a true rarity. Last year, for example, the largest diamond recovered weighed less than 100 carats.(And a diamond almost equal in weight under the name of Regent is kept in the Louvre collection…it weighs 136.75 carats.)

How much this marvel is worth is still being appraised and so far it is believed that the AK Alrosa board will decide the fate of the crystal. It will be probably send to the State Depository for Precious Metals and Gemstones of Russia.

AK Alrosa is one of the world’s largest diamond producers mining 25 percent of the world’s diamonds. In 2010 the company had increased its sales of rough and finished diamonds to $3.38 billion. The company’s shares are distributed among the Russian government, the republic of Yakutia, three regions within Yakutia and the remainder is held by other shareholders, RIA Novosti reports.

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