Horses, Heroics and High Class SUVs at Royal Windsor

Anyone who is anyone in British equestrian circles will most likely be at the Royal Windsor Horse Show this week–but the action won’t be restricted to steeds with four legs.

Fans of four wheels might also be keen to check out the Range Rover Evoque. It started life as the LRX at a press unveiling of the concept car in a London photographic studio back in 2007; journalists were impressed with the futuristic design inside and out and the obligatory picnic table and refrigerator at the back for keeping the champagne cold.

By the time it went into production, the interior became even more luxurious and leather-bound, the name was changed to the Range Rover Evoque and Victoria Beckham was brought on board with some sort of vague “designer” credit. This seemed to involve her appearing in photo shoots alongside the car.

The Evoque Coupe – the sexy model that will surely prove popular around plush central London postcodes – and the family-friendly five-door version will be on display at Windsor, along with the rest of the Range Rover and Land Rover line-up.

Armed forces heroics will also be on show with the Windsor Castle Royal Tattoo–the Land Rover trophy will be contested by teams in the Royal Navy Field Gun Run. The heats will be on every night with the final on Sunday evening and once they’ve strutted their stuff, music and fireworks will follow.

With plenty of interest in all things royal since Kate Middleton married Prince William and became Duchess of Cambridge and future queen, this is an event that will inevitably attract a glamorous crowd laced with horses, heroes and, dare we say it, husband-hunters.

The Royal Windsor Horse Show runs until May 15.

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