Haute Secrets New York : Entrepreneur and Jewelry Designer Ky Bae

Insider’s Guide to New York

Name: Ky Bae

The stats:Born in Korea, and now has lived in NYC for 5 years.

Company: KB Dessin

Why she loves New York: New Yorker’s are very open and are willing to try anything! New York, I love you.

In person, Ky can only be described as kind, gracious and never without her sparkling sense of humor. These qualities translate organically into her unique and inspiring handcrafted jewelry. A native to Korea, Ky has always found comfort in the aesthetic of nature. She studied at The School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, and has a fashion merchandising background with Giorgio Armani, Tod’s, and Calypso.

She began making jewelry only as a hobby, when her designs quickly became a favorite of friends and admired by all who encountered them. Her artistic talent, combined with the healing process of chromo therapy is what makes her collection of stones and crystals so captivating. Ky uses only the best pieces, collected from exotic locations around the world, including Argentina, Korea, Japan and Colombia.

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