Fia, Miami’s Newest Designer, Debuts First Handbag Line

A closet-full of anything is any woman’s ideal dream. For Carrie, it’s shoes. For Fia DiMauro, it’s purses. Fia, as she is most commonly referred to, admits that she has a floor-to-ceiling closet bulging with handbags in her home.

Fia, Miami’s newest handbag designer, can usually be found in the cafes of the city’s most inspiring neighborhoods like Little Havana and the Upper East Side. A self-taught artist, she likes to draw inspiration from her most immediate surroundings. Originally from Italy and an avid world traveler, Fia spent over 10 years in the fashion industry before deciding to take this big step out on her own. She naturally chose Miami as her base as it’s a city full of raw inspiration- from the ocean’s dynamic waves and flowing blue lines to the city’s contrasting grime and straight, bold skyline. “Plus, the beautiful weather doesn’t hurt either,” says the natural born talent. Her earliest memories are of drawings and paintings and she easily recalls experimenting with different patterns, styles and textures as a teenager. She was constantly admired for her creative style and once even sold the shirt off of her back to an oogling bystander that offered to pay.

Fia launched the self-titled adventurous handbag line, Fia, earlier this year for Spring/Summer 2011. Her design style evokes the classic woman of the past: Carolina Herrera, Audrey Hepburn, and her mother. What makes the line unique are her personal touches which add an edgy appeal and contrast. All of the bags from the collection are one of a kind pieces that have been given a detailed amount of time and love. Like a mother, she is hardpressed to choose a favorite. “They’re all my babies,” says Fia. Looking at the many styles that are available, the line should appeal to a large demographic with its variety of bright colors, textures and intricate patterns.

At the moment, she strictly designs handbags, but plans to expand the line to include all accessories like jewelry, shoes and belts. Her master plan is to expand the brand to the retail sector through department stores. You can currently buy her handbags online through her website, Fiastyle.

Fia, a designer, Miami can be proud to call her own.

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