Your Guide to All Things Haute in Paris

I just got back to L.A. from a wonderful trip to Rome, London and Paris. Paris was amazing– from the architecture to the fashion to the cuisine. If you find yourself there in the near future here are some of the places I visited and loved.


Four Seasons Hotel George V – The celebrated Four Seasons is the epitome of Parisian elegance and sophisticated comfort in a city renowned for luxury and excellence. You must experience this.

Hotel Costes- I stayed here. It is extremely lovely and is just as infamous for it’s vampy style, complex cocktails as it is for attracting Europe’s beautiful and super chic.

Plaza Athénée – Creates an unforgettable escape, with sumptuous décor. Here, elegance and tradition meld with innovation. Superfly bar, yet this hotel also offers you amazing accomodations, classic large rooms beautiful spacious bath tubs, it is a classic.

For night time dining in Paris I would suggest:

La Société – By the same owners of Hotel Costes who are unmistakably at the top of their game. I had a fantastic dinner here, pricey but worth it. The atmosphere is very elite and thus high-fashion and even the waitresses look like models.

Taillevent- A historical culinary landmark opened by Andre Vrinat in 1946. Chef Alain Soliveres’ French Haute cuisine is fantastique! Refined and beautiful townhouse- one of the best restaurants in the world. Voted no.1 for food in Paris by Zagat Survey.

Le Basilic- Quality wine reccomendations, amazing steak, superb beef tartare and out of this world desserts.

Plaza Athénée and Hotel Costes – Both of these hotels have extraordinary restaurants. Both with impeccable service and obvious elegant decor. Very popular among locals and tourists alike. Fantastic new french food with a range of dishes.

For Nightlife in Paris:

Le Baron – Home to a select group of faithful goers Le Baron has a cosy atmosphere where the door is exacting. It has played host to a more illustrious crowd, welcoming the likes of Bjork and Sofia Coppola.

Bagatelle – Built as a hunting lodge on a bet between Marie Antoinette and the Count of Artois, the elegant Bagatelle Chateau and Gardens in the Bois de Boulogne now form the stunning backdrop to a program of cultural events.  The real draw is for those looking for a unique club experience . The party is on the terrace where tables, tents, bars, and DJ booths appear resulting in an exclusive party in the French forest where people run about, chitchat, dance to the DJ’s tunes, and mingle freely with the other young, dynamic, and international patrons. Getting to Bagatelle might require a bus or taxi, but this is a CRAZY party not to be missed.