Wedding Gifts Good Enough for Royalty

With Kate and Will’s big day less than three weeks away it’s worth remembering that as soon as the future king and queen of England have exchanged vows, the wedding season will be upon us.

For those of you who prefer to escape from the mundane and boringly practical items found on the gift list the Gift Library should be your first stop.

Founded by The Duke of York’s friends Goga Ashkenazi and Caroline Stanbury the luxury gift site features exclusive gifts suitable for weddings, Father’s Day, anniversaries, new babies, for your best friend and whatever you feel need to give your loved ones a gift.

Good enough for royalty, here are a selection of wedding gifts that will mean you only have your outfit to worry about in 2011.

OvalOne Total White Diamond Watch


The ultimate watch for elegance, bling and fun. Designed by the Italian designer Marco Mavilla, the time and date are not always visible on the oval shaped face, but they appear for a few seconds only after pressing the precious cabochon set in the crown, thanks to a LED system showing through the impressive diamond pave.

EyeStorm by Damien Hirst

When it comes to art, everyone should have a Hirst. His spot paintings have become iconic turn-of-the-millennium images, proving deeply influential to popular culture on a broad scale. Beyond debates on how Hirst has contributed to the world of modern art, Eyestrom would undoubtably be the talking point of any newlyweds room. Signed by the artist Lambda on Gloss Fuji Archive.


Bar Tumbler Set

Moser’s distinctive Bar Tumbler Set evokes a sense of relaxed luxury feel through the brilliantly clear glass. The six coloured tumblers each come in a different bright colou to add an artistic edge to everyday barware.


I Rule Cushion

Establish who is the boss in fabric with RawXclusive’s I Rule Cushion. From award-winning designer Rebecca Winter, this heritage-chic cushion dresses the chez lounge with attitude while offering soft support with luxurious wool felt exterior and plump feather inner. Printed with eco-friendly dye and proudly made in the UK.