HAutos: Tesla Motors Set New Levels in Ultimate Car Buying Experience

If you were to put together a concept of an Apple store + a Starbucks + your favorite restaurant, what would you get?

Not a riddle but more of a reality. The innovative team of Tesla motors is aiming to produce a combination of all three to reinvent and elevate car buying and car maintenance to a whole new level of experience for its members and future buyers at its new technology advanced design studios on Santana Row in San Jose’s trendy retail district.

Tesla’s philosophy, opposed to other dealerships or garages, is to provide customers with the utmost experience of bringing all your comforts from home to their showroom so that it becomes a pleasure to consider your next vehicle purchase. This modern approach is also to ensure that your beloved car is being tended to not just by any mechanic, but top of the art trained technicians who have both your best interests at heart.

The new Tesla design studio will also put dirty sweatshops to a thing of the past with the intention of being clean and modern, fun, and even educating while offering the best in technology from free wifi to LCD screens and plentiful access to a selection of national and local newspapers for your entertainment.

Following Tesla’s successful introduction of electric vehicles with the Roadster 3 years ago, and in honor of the upcoming introduction of their model S, Tesla is providing the ultimate in “interactive experiences.” The design studio will offer customers a pleather of services ranging from touch-screens throughout the store with the purpose of putting together their personalized vehicle, visual displays of creating the famed electric cars, and menus of services that Tesla provides for their customers such as “house calls” and current Tesla Roadster owners testimonials of owning an electric car.

The Santana Row store and design studio is Tesla’s 18th company owned store in the USA and is located at 333 Santana Row, Suite 1035 in San Jose, California.

For more information, visit Tesla‘s website.