HAutos: Maserati and Aston Martin Set to Enter the Emerging Market Of India

India, the second largest populated country in the world is fast becoming the home many high-end luxury brands. Maserati, known the world over as one of the symbol of luxe living, is all set to open their its showroom in Mumbai, the country’s financial and entertainment capital.

The luxury auto maker is very confident that its supercars like Gran Turismo and Maserati Quattroporte will find ready takers in this emerging market. The success of Maserati in China, which is now the fourth largest market for this high-end car maker, has fuelled the company’s quest for increasing global sales. India, a close competitor for China in the emerging market segment, is all set to duplicate the success of the company in China. Maserati predicts that 80 percent of its sale will be the Quattroporte model which is a sedan and the remaining 20 percent will be covered by Gran Turismo models. The company is so confident in this new market that it has already set eyes on New Delhi, were a showroom scheduled to open in 2012. By 2015, Maserati plans to open at least seven stores in seven major cities throughout India.

But Maserati is not without competition; Aston Martin also has plans to enter the Indian market, with its first showroom in Mumbai slated open later this month followed by another soon after in New Delhi.

Looks like the emerging billionaires and millionaires of India will be spoilt for choice when it comes to buying luxury cars in near future!

[Source: Luxuo]