Haute Find: Rodial’s New Glamorous Alternative to Surgery

In a city where botox is the new black, finding a natural, needle-free alternative can prove to be…well, almost non-existent. However, the Los Angeles skincare market has found a new, set-to-be revolutionary product, which may just take the cake as the best ‘Botox in a bottle’ around.

In the glamorous, star-filled land of Hollywood, it is no secret that Botox is the most popular non-invasive facial treatment. According to a study by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, approximately 5.4 million Americans had Botox in 2010. At $350-$550 a pop, this ever-popular procedure does not come cheap and is certainly not without risk. However, there’s now a wrinkle fix which doesn’t involve chemicals being injected into your face.

Let’s face it – everyone is sceptical when it comes to new products, claiming to provide a list of ‘instant effects.’ I myself, am one of these people, thus when I first came across UK-based skincare brand, Rodial’s Glamoxy Snake Serum, I was my usual dubious self. This oxygenated, viper venom-imitative serum contains an ingredient called Syn-ake – a neuro-peptide, which works to mimic the effects of the Temple Viper’s venom to instantly plump and lift fine lines and wrinkles and freeze your muscles. In other words, it gives close to the same effect as botox, only, you don’t have to inject it.

The label says to gently massage the gel in to your areas of concern (mine being my forehead and the not-so-secret frown-lines I have accumulated over my many years spent frolicking in the Australian sun and frowning at my parents regarding many teenage issues) twice a day for 28 days.

From the first application, I could already feel a firmness set in my skin. After using religiously for a week, I was totally surprised at how much more difficult it was to frown. My lines had improved ten-fold and my frowning had almost become non-existent (an almost impossible feat up until now.)

Containing Fiflow BTX, an oxygen carrying ingredient which works to encourage cell respiration to fill and plump the skin, whilst adding instant radiance; Proturon which provides instant 3D plumping effect, and re-densifys and moisturizes the complexion; Ronasphere which helps to fade fine lines and imperfections, whilst correcting skin tone; and Pomegranate ellagic tannins, providing powerful antioxidant protection, this amazing new serum truly lives up to it’s claims.

Retailing for only $160 and 100 percent paraben-free, the Glamoxy Snake Serum is age-defying skincare genius at its very best.

Also available in a hang-bag friendly pen-size, the Glamoxy Snake Pen, for an on-the-go instant plump and smooth fix.

Next time you find yourself strolling past the windows of the Beverly Hills’ surgeons, do your bank account and your skin a huge favour by taking a detour to Nordstrom at the Grove and purchasing Rodial’s Glamoxy Snake Serum.

Whoever came up with the statement – ‘No pain, no gain?’ needs to check themselves. This is no pain, instant gain, no joke.

For more information, visit www.rodial.co.uk.

Products available for purchase at Nordstrom, 189 The Grove Dr. Ste. P80, Los Angeles, CA 90036; Or online at www.nordstrom.com.