Dori’s World: Haute Living’s Haute 100 Dinner at The Forge

What an amazing dinner Haute Living publishers Kamal Hotchandani and Seth Semilof threw for their annual Haute 100 dinner. The dinner took place at The Forge Restaurant, which was recently remodeled and is absolutely gorgeous!

Dom Perignon was flowing and the place was on fire with tons of the Haute 100 Miami list members including Loren & JR Ridinger, Howard Lorber, Ugo and Sara Colombo, Seth Greenberg, Michael Caponni, Lea & Roy Black, and many others.

Also there was Randy Udell from London Jewelers, Brooke Lauren, Fabian Basabe, Eddie Yedid, and my sister Lauren Cooperman Berenbaun.

Such a fun night! I’m so glad I’m in Florida this week and that I was able to attend.