Dori’s World: Snowed in, in Aspen

On Saturday, I went to the Aspen Club on top of the mountain for an amazing lunch with Daniella Rich and Karen Larrain, followed by another great day of skiing.

That night, we went to a fabulous dinner party at Richard Kilstock and Denise and Daniella Rich’s house with Carola and Bobby Jain, Annabella Demetriou Murphy and Charles Murphy, Richard and Chris Mack, Edmond and Marielle Safra, Dayssi Olarte de Kanavos and Paul Kanavos, Lina Anisimova and Ryan Freedman, Jenny and Justin Kennedy, and about 20 other guests; we had an amazing meal prepared by Chef Michelle.

Sunday was a shopping day and then Il Mulino with Kim Saperstein and Flo Fulton. Then Sunday night, a fun Matsuhisa dinner with Kirk Spahn, Rob Vecsler, Jaime and Karen Larrain, and Jenny Kennedy. Then we were off to late night at Jimmy’s.

Today it’s a snow storm, but I’m still loving Aspen! And love staying at Casa Rich.