Dori’s World – Aspen Day 2

For my second day in Aspen, I had an early morning breakfast at the Rich’s with Daniella Rich, Richard Kilstock and the kids. Then off to Ajax where we did some skiing with David Anton, Richard and Chris Mack, and Jarret Posner. In the red gondolas there, they now have music for your ipods which is pretty cool, and the views on top of the mountain are just breathtaking.

Then I had lunch at Bonnie’s with Daniella and Richard, Kinga Lampert, Erica and Michael Karsch, John Mason, Stuart Katzoff, Annabella and Charles Murphy, Marielle and Edmond Safra, Aspen Dave, Laurie Tisch, and Jamie Diner.

After lunch Daniella and I did a few runs and then went to The Nell for apres ski, to meet up with Eleanor Propp and Jason Hirschhorn. Then Karen Larrain landed so we were off to Mikey Grande and his wife Leticia’s new restaurant, Casa Tua Aspen with Jamie Diner. They were there with Hubert and Victoria Baudoin who own Pierre’s in the Florida Keys, Islamorada.

Mikey’s restaurant in Aspen is fabulous. There are two private floors upstairs. Definitely dine upstairs and down to experience both. I hung there with the Macks and Gnetts before heading to Ectobar and off course, Caribou where I saw Ned Dubofsky and the whole Aspen scene.

I Love Aspen!