A Custom Traveling Set

In December 2010, David August introduced a stunning new collection of exotic leather goods hand crafted of the world’s finest alligator skin hand cut and stitched in Italy by a skilled family of Artisans. This collection of five luxury pieces are available in both a glazed and matte finish in over 20 different colors. To order (800) 546-SUIT (7848)

Anyone who was drawn to the clean lines and style of Robert Downey Jr’s character, Tony Stark in Iron Man I & Iron Man II, would appreciate the detailed stitching and beautiful quality of this new collection.

For the past 20 years, David August has been dressing the superstars of business, sports, and entertainment. In addition to Robert Downey Jr., a deeper look at our client roster will point out the likes of Will Smith, Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kobe Bryant, Sugar Shane Mosley, Jason Statham, Terrence Howard, Frank McCourt, Ron Burkle, Alec Gores, Steve Tisch, and Dr. Jerry Buss, not to mention many of the top studio heads at NBC, CBS and Marvel. Our clients demand the best, and that is exactly what David August has become known for delivering!

At David August, our goal is to help our clients build their personal brands by creating looks that empower them to be their best. With a David August custom wardrobe, you will project a confidence and control that will separate you from the ordinary.

Our team includes the finest master tailors in the world who meticulously handcraft each piece of clothing with exquisite detail and unmatched precision. Every line and every stitch is our obsession.

The complete David August experience is like no other, from the initial meeting where measurements are taken and fabrics are chosen, to the final fitting where we ensure a well-tailored fit and ultimate satisfaction.

But, while we dress some of the most powerful people in the world, we’d like to think every man’s closet is calling out for the David August label. Whether you’re in Los Angeles, Miami or New York, or simply a “rolling stone”, our top-notch clothiers are ready to service all your clothing needs, whether it’s a cool summer look, a “power” suit that helps close the deal, or traveling items to match, we have it all, custom made for your exquisite taste.

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