What’s Haute: Love It or Lose It iPhone App

Sometimes a mirror just isn’t enough. Whether you are at home or out shopping, we could all use a second opinion.  Love It or Lose It is the latest fashion iPhone app that gives you that second opinion and more. All you have to do is snap some photos of the item (or outfit) in question and send it out to your network of friends and fellow fashionistas on the Love It or Lose It platform. Then, within seconds, people will weigh in and give you their thoughts.

Resembling a phone-a-friend, the poll comes back immediately in the form of summarized results. We love this app because we can avoid leaving the house or store with a fashion faux pas. So if you think your butt looks big and the polls tell you a majority say lose it, then, well, the decision is pretty obvious.

But more than that, when we are wavering on whether to buy a Balenciaga Bag, snap some pics and let your fashion friends give you their thoughts. If the jury comes back with a Love it majority, you simply can’t go home without it.

Users can also include comments, which can be very helpful, like, “love the bag, but that color is not the best on you.”  Whether you take it or leave it, well, that is up to you.

But until you have an entourage and stylist shopping and following you around night and day, we suggest you get the next best thing.

The Love it or Lose it fashion app is available for download at iTunes.