Spending Money to Save Time:Personal Concierge Services

You have it all: cash, career and charisma.  The one thing you lack?  Time to accomplish all that lay before you. So how can you conquer the world without cloning yourself (that one is still a work in progress)? Enter the personal concierge.  It is all the convenience of a personal assistant without any of the commitment.

If you have never utilized the services of a personal concierge service, you may be unaware of all of the fabulous things they are available to help you out with.  From simple everyday errands like picking up the dry cleaning or stopping by your favorite cheese shop to itinerary planning and home organization, personal concierges allow you to unload the tasks that burden you so you can focus on the tasks that help you get ahead.

Here are some of the top personal concierge services in Boston that you may want to consider entrusting your personal and business affairs to.

If you are an individual that must have everything done just so – exactly to your specifications – The Key Boston may be the best fit for you. Their services run from the most mundane to the extraordinary, and they pull it all off with remarkably efficient flair. Hard to get dinner reservations, event coordination and travel plans are some of their specialties. Services are available as a yearly or monthly membership or a la carte on an as needed basis.

“Consider it done,” is the motto of Fini Concierge. And that kind of peace of mind is the reason why you sought out the services of a personal concierge in the first place. Services include home care while you are off traveling the world (water the plant, pick up the mail, etc.), schedule appointments and holiday decorating. Sign up for monthly membership or contact them on an as needed basis.

Lisa’s Hands of Time is a one woman shop offering Martha Stewart-esque detailed and precise service for your often chaotic existence.  Specializing in home and office organization, she is also well equipped to handle daily errands, research projects and wait services -because who really wants to wait for the cable guy or the furniture delivery?