Haute Décor: Introducing the Spinnaker Chair

The inspiration for the Spinnaker chair is a cruising sailboat and when you sit in one the only thing you will be missing is the cool breeze. Contemporary design sums up the Spinnaker chairs and its first priority is letting you relax. The shape of the chair is set up to encourage natural body relaxation positions.  Customization is also at the core of the Spinnaker chair and it can be had it many different colors and fabrics.

Get one to match your modern living space and I’m sure you will be fighting for seating in this chair in your home or business atmosphere. Better yet equip your space with multiple chairs.  The chair will fit well in any home and is good for the office, your living room, or even put one on your yacht.

Learn more about these luxurious chairs at their official web site, Spinnaker.no!