Beauty: In the Eye of the Lens-holder.

I truly believe there is nothing more therapeutic than getting to play dress up and have your photo taken. However vapid of me that may be is irrelevant because, I like it and…it works for me. Last week I shot with two of the most amazing girls I know: Adina Doria and Haley Bennett. They are such a wonderful team because they see beauty in a way that many do not and are able to capture it and share it with others. This is my second time shooting with them and both times left me happy and feeling beautiful. Haley has the most magnificently ethereal and eclectic wardrobe; she really has an eye for placement and knows how to create a stunning visual by mixing clothing with her eye behind the lens. Adina somehow manages to find the perfect angle and creates such an incredible photo with her no fear-standing-on-my-window-ledge-shooting-through-the-glass approach.

If you’re living in LA and need headshot’s please contact Adina. I’m sure you’d be beyond thrilled with the result of the photos. You can visit her website here.

And don’t forget to check out Haley in Kaboom a film out this Friday! Get your tickets here.

Enjoy kids!