Art on Display: Top 5 Art Galleries in Atlanta

A great place to go when you want to break up the monotony of a first date, perfect for a Saturday afternoon excursion and definitely a must when you’re in the mood for high-brow culture that is visually stimulating. Yes, art galleries are many things and all of those things are fabulous. Some may think that visiting an art gallery is too stuffy and uptight to fully enjoy, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Taking time to appreciate the pure beauty of art is probably one of the easiest and most honest ways to spend free time. The first step to appreciating art is to view it and then decide for yourself. But, enough about the glorious world of art appreciation, let’s get down to the task at hand. Atlanta is quite the artistic city and we have some amazing art galleries here that are sure to indulge enthusiasts and make the casual novice a die-hard fan. Here are the best art galleries in Atlanta. Enjoy!