Sweet Tooth: Top 5 Chocolate Shops in Atlanta

Some say it’s better than sex, others describe it as edible euphoria. However you describe chocolate, chances are it’s a pleasant experience. Whether you prefer dark, milk or even white chocolate, a little bit of this decadence goes a very long way. With the national holiday for lovers, Valentine’s Day, fast approaching, this is the prefect time to highlight the best places in Atlanta that specialize in all things chocolate. Cake, cookies, candy bars and Whitman’s samplers are just a few of the myriad of succulent treats that are possible when a generous amount of chocolate is added to the mix. I like my chocolate sparingly and in small doses, that way I can truly appreciate the magic that it creates and long for my next fix. Atlanta is big on chocolate and there are fabulous places in the city that have some of the best and most innovative chocolate creations. So, enjoy our list of the best places for all you chocoholics!