Q&A with DIESEL’s Stefano Rosso

I spoke with my dear friend and visionary, the talented and creative Stefano Rosso and here is our conversation:

Sonia: Stefano, you are responsible for Strategic Brand Alliances of DIESEL and have communicated that you are, “a huge fan of adidas, they inspire me and they were my myth when I was growing up. After the amazing denim collaboration, when DIESEL’S know-how was infused by adidas’ spirit, we are now starting a new chapter of the partnership: the heritage of the two brands will come together applying our spirit on adidas classic kicks!” How exciting!! Stefano, what next?
Stefano: Well the next step on this collaboration will be to develop the next FW11 collection with Adidas… The new shoes will be even better.

Sonia: What is your favorite pair in the collection?
Stefano: I like the Forum high in black leather with the ZIP closure that recalls a leather biker jacket.

Sonia: Your favorite color?
Stefano: I love colors, but for this collaboration the classical black and white options are amazing.

Sonia: What does this collaboration tell us about today?
Stefano: Today the consumers are much more informed and educated on products… I would say that they are almost spoiled!!! Through the internet they can have access to anything they want. I believe that collaborations are a great tool to give them something unique!!

Sonia: What does this strategic partnership mean to you?
Stefano: For me it is a dream coming true. I have always been a fan of adidas and its heritage! The chance to make a product together is unique. Plus, we share common values and mindset, and I hope that this will lead to something even bigger in the future

Sonia: What does the style tell us about fashion now?
Stefano: Many things… Today culture is a mix and match of styles. Differently from 10 years ago when people were living a lifestyle all the way (ex: if you were a punk you lived that way), today you can be a different person every day. So even in fashion styles keep on getting mixed, just think about skaters and rappers wearing tight jeans in a school boy preppy look!!!

Grazie Stefano for sharing your insights…more to come so stay tuned…to be continued…Ciao for now.