Masterfully Minotti

For 60 years, the Minotti name has been synonymous with sophistication, timelessness, and luxury. With a presence in sixty markets worldwide, the Italian design firm has established a reputation for its unique blend of traditional aesthetics and modern technology, while boasting superior craftsmanship and impeccable attention to detail. Haute Living had a chance to catch up with Roberto Minotti to discuss the brand, their inspiration, and the new Senza Tempo collection, which recently made its debut at the Minotti showroom in Los Angeles.

Haute Living Minotti is still the leader in Italian luxury furniture; how do you continue to achieve excellence?

Roberto Minotti I think Minotti’s excellence has continued over the years because we are a family-run business, and as such, consistency is achieved through generations of our family. We have maintained our reputation for unmatched quality and ensure that our styles remain both timeless and modern.

HL What is the inspiration behind the brand’s designs?

RM We travel a lot, so we are constantly inspired by things such as art galleries, movies, and fashion. If you are open, you can find inspiration in almost anything. We brainstorm all of our sensations and then we compose our collection like a symphony–a symphony of communication, photography, the graphics, design, fabric, and architecture.

HL Tell us about your fabrics.

RM Fabrics are a very important factor for our collections. We make our own fabrics and introduce them each year at the Milano Fair. All of our fabrics are built upon one another; therefore our clients area able to integrate fabrics from past years into the present.

HL What is your color palette? What are the new accent colors in the collection?

RM Our typical color palette relies very much on neutrals–a range between greys and beiges. But we’ve recently introduced a couple new colors like Petroleum and Peacock.

HL What are your favorite pieces in the new Senza Tempo collection?

RM I have so many favorites! Each piece is like a child to me. I love the luggage chair–the saddle leather stitching and chevron fabric are the perfect combination; it is a true balance between furniture and fashion. I love the Anderson Sofa too; it’s an important piece that represents modernity and technology. The seat cushion has temperature memory foam that has been designed so that when you sit down, you automatically recline.

HL Tell us about your Los Angeles
Flagship Showroom?

RM Our LA showroom in West Hollywood is truly one of a kind. Not only are we located on Beverly Boulevard in the heart of the design community, but Mary Ta [Minotti LA’s owner and President] has created a maison-style environment within the showroom and has been very successful. We have had a fantastic friendship and collaboration with her for many years. She continues to bring the showroom unprecedented value and maintains a commitment to customer satisfaction.

HL What is your vision for the future?

RM We’re satisfied with our business at the moment, but we are looking forward to continuing to expand globally, and to continue to make an impact in the world of design.

8936 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90048